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We are available by phone, email or you may fill out this form if have any additional questions. Emails will get the fastest response. Raising well socialized puppies keeps us busy! Please leave a message when calling and we will return your call as soon as possible. Please read our visitor policy below before requesting a visit. 

Ohio Valley Labradoodles
Phone: (812) 701-4909


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Ohio Valley Labradoodles is located in Conover, Ohio. Roughly 30 miles north of Dayton, 60 miles east of Columbus and 85 miles north of Cincinnati.



Visitor Policy

We get many requests to visit our puppies. We LOVE visitors and understand the importance of meeting our dogs, however our highest concern is the health and safety of our puppies and moms. Please understand that we are not a kennel. All puppies are raised in the center of our home amidst our busy family. Puppies are extremely vulnerable and therefore we must take every precaution to not expose them to potentially deadly diseases before they receive their first vaccinations. Parvo is a very real, and deadly disease known to wipe out entire litters within 24 hours. It can be carried on clothes, shoes, car mats, etc for 72 hours. Mothers also get very stressed when unknown visitors come into our home. Keeping her environment stress-free is extremely important for the puppies well being. Because of these concerns, we have established policies as far as visiting our home:

1. All potential visitors must have an application on file. Adoption Application 
2. Puppies must be at least six weeks of age, and had their first set of shots.
3. We ask that you not visit any other types of places that house dogs 3-5 days before our scheduled visit. (Other kennels/breeders homes, groomers, dog parks, humane society etc.)
4. Once here we will request you to remove your shoes prior to entering our home, and wash your hands.

We are happy to supply you with references and pictures of our puppy raising area as well. Thanks for understanding!

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